Unlocking the Deadbolt

Here's to a good time, a good life, and a good death.

First Post

So I have decided that, despite intermittently feeling the urge to begin in undertaking some method of recording my philosophical thoughts and always taking no action, that I would finally begin a blog. The plan here involves creating a map that explores the intersections of Christianity with morality.

I am not quite sure how to direct the diction and tone of this blog, whether geared more towards entertaining an audience or releasing my thoughts in a direct, more dull manner, or perhaps ideally somewhere between the two? I would be okay with some readers, but I’m not sure I necessarily want many. Who knows, but the goal of this blog is to show my insights into how Christian religion functions in contemporary Western society. To be slightly more specific, my intentions are to show modern evangelical Christianity and the effects that it has within the United States mainstream culture and subcultures.

To be honest, I am an economist at heart (and by training) and thus see the world in that type of fashion – one that follows a methodology of studying relationships between various variables and the like, frameworks, social norms, etc. Religion has always fascinated me for personal reasons as well as the degree to which it motivates real differences in individual lives.

It’s almost an irony that I will write this blog series because I see myself as a rather lighthearted, carefree individual. I don’t stress almost ever and I live a very hedonistic lifestyle in the company of many eccentric fraternity brothers and close friends. In combination with a contemporary college culture that is irresponsible to an almost toxic level, I will say my highly impressionable nature has certainly gotten the best of me. Maybe this blog post is evidence otherwise. Hah!

If anyone here is familiar with complexity theory (typically discussed for its practical and theoretical implications in shaping economic policy), then you will greatly appreciate the approach I am undertaking. When I refer to complexity theory, I am talking about evolutionary and dynamic concepts with multiple inter-changing variables, self-organizing structures, fluid norms, increasing returns, etc. Basically, I am advocating multidimensional, dynamic frameworks in which the system itself is constantly unfolding, allowing new ordered properties to emerge. Essentially, I’m considering ideas that break away from traditional, fundamental economic thinking. I am also breaking away from commonplace duality thinking. Readers will also come to learn that I despise what I call “simple” thinking, or black and white reasoning. Basic thinking like that seems to be a sort of gift and a curse simultaneously, but I’ll discuss that later.

The structure of the blog posts will be to tackle one big question per post. Starting Point Questions will begin with “What is a relatively good way to view the world?” and “Is morality more relative or objective?” to “Why all the discussion about measuring, observing, and attempted objectivity?” Later, more developed questions will range from “What is an individual’s purpose?” to “Where does morality come from” to “What is a Christian?” to “Are Christians happier people?” and “What are some big differences between the basis of Eastern and Western Religious Thought?” to “Does mystical experience exist or occur?” to “Which religion is true?” to “How do I trick myself?” We will also cover topics like self-improvement, life after death, nature of humanity, religious origins, Earth’s origins, life on other planets, etc.

Furthermore, I would like to directly declare a warning message to passionate adherents to any religion.

Eventually, I hope to accumulate a succinct , intuitive philosophy that lays the groundwork for answering these tough questions in a semi-measurable academic way, although whether satisfyingly will depend on the interpreter (as many things tend to be).

In all honesty though, if anything, at the end of the day, I will be able to look back and take joy in the accomplishment of recording my thoughts/responses to such questions. Just the sheer discipline of typing a blog is something I may be proud of. Hah! I may even try to mimic the lighthearted tone throughout the series like Alan Watts in his Eastern Thought series.

There is just something wonderful to be said about casual tones and easy metaphors and English accents…


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