Unlocking the Deadbolt

Here's to a good time, a good life, and a good death.


So, I decided that someone may want to know more about my entertainment preferences in terms of digital media since this has undeniably influenced my beliefs and ideas.


When it comes to music, my go-to answer for “favorite band” is Thrice. I generally am a huge fan of rock music and absolutely find Thrice’s lyrical content simply outstanding. From beginning to end, their lyrics are riddled with philosophical questions and Biblical elements. They “bring life” to otherwise seemingly dull topics or bland meanings, but I guess this is what any good artist does. I find that I can almost always relate to a particular lyric line or song message. They also feature exquisite guitar rifts with unconventional tempos and patterns. They have continuously evolved in their musical form through experimentation beginning with a sort of “hardcore punk” and transitioning into a post-hardcore/melodic hardcore sound. I also enjoy bands like Rise Against, Saosin (especially for their drums), Linkin Park (for their older stuff), and Paramore. I enjoy other musical genres as well like Rap, Indie Pop/Rock, Techno/Electronic, Classical, and so forth. I do not listen to Country or Bluegrass very often.

Anyhow, Thrice has been the most influential musical element that I have ever listened to. Since I started listening to them roughly in 9th grade, they have had a strong and consistent impact on my intellectual and moral reasoning.

TV Shows

Much like Thrice is my favorite band, Dexter is my go-to favorite TV show. I absolutely love the way that the Dexter writers and show directors unravel the moral fabric of murder. They undergo an enormous task of creating a character of a serial killer who the audience is supposed to sympathize with. Not only do they achieve this, but they give that character an “honest voice” through his self-narration by allowing the audience to hear his internal thoughts. Dexter journeys to discover himself, unravel his own questions, and subsequently take out a few bad guys in the process. He constantly is grappling with “why am I different?” and “How can I become normal?” The nature of his private life restricts Dexter in his ability to co-exist with others and “engage in his insidious acts.” He is constantly in a battle to communicate between “what is the truth?” and “what should I actually say in order to protect me?” He works as a blood analyst inside the police department so he can always stay on his “A-Game”. This also provides the audience with a beautiful contrast between the two methodologies as Dexter takes justice into his own hands instead of through the judicial system that society has set up. I have often asked people on whether or not they would feel comfortable living with a Dexter in their town. I have had answers ranging from “After thinking about it, yes, I’d be okay with it” to “Absolutely not! What a stupid question.” I’ve also asked people if what Dexter does is wrong, you know, being a serial killer who only kills other serial killers. Dexter is very methodologically thorough with collecting good evidence. (In the show, he only mistakes a killer for an innocent man once).

Anyhow, Dexter is by far the most influential TV series that I have ever watched. It will likely be at the top of my ranking list for life. Since I only watched and completed the series summer of 2014, I have not had as much time for a long-term exposure effect as compared to other media such as Thrice.

I also have enjoyed the TV Shows Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, and Prison Break. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are the only two that I would say have had any significant influence on my way of thinking.




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