Unlocking the Deadbolt

Here's to a good time, a good life, and a good death.

Units of Faith

So now I’m heading back to the more functional approach of studying Christianity. Just as a reminder, when I say Christianity, I’m attempting to refer more specifically to non-denominational, evangelical sects. … Continue reading

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In Defense of Christianity

Disclaimer: The white Jesus in the picture is far from accurate; technically he should look far more Middle-Eastern. So I have just spent a considerable amount of time in the last … Continue reading

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Biblical Infallability

This particular post is quite different from all the other posts of this series. It tackles a question regarding factual truth, not functional truth. The reason that I am doing this … Continue reading

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A Christian Conundrom

So in my last post, I referenced what I view as the weakest point of Christianity. Now, I wish to move into what I call the Ultimate Conundrum that Christianity … Continue reading

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The Achilles Heel of Christianity

Alright so this will likely rank the most controversial post that I will write for a while. I’m now directly going to open up some arguments in my own personal purview of … Continue reading

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Christian Fundamentals

Okay so I know I have been making commentary on Christians, but haven’t really laid out what Christians and which Christianity that I am actually commenting on. But now I … Continue reading

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Religion in Perspective

Alright, so now I want to consider a huge question, “Which religion is true?” First, I have to establish, what do I mean by true? There are several types of … Continue reading

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